Under the visionary leadership of the Chairman Mr. Uday Chinai, BVC Foundation has committed itself to making a difference in the lives of underprivileged and economically challenged citizens of our country.

BVC's Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, through a non-profit organization and in collaboration with various NGOs across India, believe in nurturing inclusive development with a human touch. Its CSR focus is to take each initiative beyond philanthropy and promote people centric inclusive development with the active participation of the community at all levels. Thus BVC's CSR initiatives aim to support:Foundations:BVC has donated large amounts to Giants Group, JSC and Kuntunath Jain Foundation and other foundations to help improve the standard of living of the poor and toward animal welfare.

Healthcare:The group has donated many dialysis machines in hospitals and already hundreds of patients have been treated at discounted rates and the act will continue for years to come. BVC has also donated an ambulance which is being used in Mumbai.Education:Each year, 17,000 books are donated to the society. The act started in 1997. BVC has sponsored the education of children in remote areas.